Mathemagical Editing

About Me

Alicia Brewer, your trusty copyeditor 🙂
Where the magic happens!

Education & Experience

I learned copyediting at the American Institute of Physics in New York City while I was earning my BS in physics. I went on to study plasma physics at Columbia University. During this time I started working as a medical copyeditor and transcriptionist. 

After earning my MS in mathematical modeling/operations research at George Washington University, I worked for the US Navy as an analyst and then at Deloitte in Washington, DC, where I became involved with computers.

I then moved to San Jose, California, where 
I met my husband, and I worked in the computer industry as a systems administrator and later as a developer. We eventually moved to Arizona, where I returned to copyediting while helping my husband run a martial arts and kung fu school. 

I now live in the greater Chicago area so my husband can finish his doctorate in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I have been working as a copyeditor without interruption now for over 15 years, specializing in economics, finance,  accounting/auditing, marketing, and other mathematically intense subjects.

Why Copyediting?

I was very good at math and also loved reading. On top of that, I am very meticulous and detest sloppy writing! However, sloppy writing does not necessarily indicate sloppy thinking, because many authors are non-native English speakers. I can relate to them because I was raised in many different countries and have family in France. Overall, I love bringing out the best in people's work.

I also enjoy copyediting because I can learn a great deal of cutting edge research from some of the world's top experts.  My education therefore never stops, which keeps my dopamine flowing and makes me happy!