Mathemagical Editing


Specializing in Copyediting and Proofreading
Content with Mathematics

including (but not limited to)


– Economics
– Finance
– Accounting/Auditing
– Marketing
– Operations Research
– Data Science
– Information Theory
– Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


Types of Content

– Journal Papers
– Books and Book Chapters
– Grant Applications & Reports
– White Papers
– Policy Statements & Reports
– Articles
– Annual Reports
– References


Rush Jobs

– Last-Minute Papers
– Review Letters
– Proposals
– CVs
– Other Urgent Documentation


What Our Services Cover

All major styles and specifications, according to journal and/or Chicago, APA, Harvard, etc.

US or UK/Oxford English spelling and punctuation

LaTeX welcome (accompanied by PDF)

Editing includes the following:

  • Improvements and corrections related to grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, hyphenation, logic, clarity, flow, overall correctness,  terminology, equations, variables, and overall consistency
  • Assistance with rewording, organization, structure, and formatting 
  • Clarification of meaning, improvement of flow, smoothing the language, and elimination of unnecessary repetition
  • Ensuring that the language is appropriate to the nature of the material and its audience 
  • Formatting of references and citations in text, noting missing and/or incomplete references and citations
  • Formatting and checking of headings, figures, tables, and appendixes for consistency and style
  • For longer documents, such as annual reports and books, an accompanying style sheet of common terms and their capitalization and/or hyphenation